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How To Sell Your Home At Any Time Of The Year

Tarun Aery

As the year comes to a close let’s take a look at how homes were able to sell during different seasons of the year. Some will say that the spring months are the best time to sell your home however if you can understand the way the market works in different seasons you will find a buyer for your house. Utilizing the seasons to your advantage will increase your odds of making a successful sale at any time of the year.


This is a great time to sell a home as the weather makes going outside a great idea!

Sellers who have gone on vacation are coming back to their homes ready to sell.

These are the tips to sell your home during Fall:

- Clear the yard. Leaves fall more during this time than any other time of the year. Take

time to rake most of the leaves off the lawn, though leaving some leaves can make the

house fit into the season

- Decorate. Halloween and Thanksgiving are great opportunities to decorate your home

with different colors and décor. Making your home festive for potential buyers can help

them see themselves celebrating these holidays there too.

- Cook up something delicious. Baking cookies or other treats can make the home smell

great and inviting. Leaving refreshments and treats for buyers will also help them

remember how nice your home was.


The winter months have a lot of holidays in them and might have some people travelling. With so much going on there are certain advantages from selling at this time. Those that are looking to buy in the winter months are serious home buyers and with the season evoking emotions selling your home can be fairly easy.

These are the tips to sell your home during Winter:

- Decorate. Just like you can decorate your home during fall you can decorate your

home for the holidays in the winter months. Decorating your home as a great place to

be during the holidays will want buyers to buy your home. Whether you create a warmer

feeling through the lighting, or setting up a Christmas tree you can help buyers visualize

themselves being there with their family.

- Flexibility is important. Everyone is extremely busy during this time of the year which

might only allow them to see the home at different hours throughout the day. A buyer

that feels motivated to look at your home at unusual hours they very well could be

motivated to buy your home


Spring has always been regarded as the prime time to sell homes. With the weather getting warmer and the days no longer being so short. For buyers this means getting out of their house and looking for their next home.

These are the tips to sell your home during Spring:

- Brighten the house. The house should be bright and welcoming. Replacing the

curtains in your home can let more light in the house. Painting the rooms to a lighter

color can also make the space look bigger

- Clean the landscape. Taking out any dead plants and planting new plants in the empty

spaces. Taking care of large trees can make the yard look bigger. Planting annuals can

also add spot color to the home and make the home seem inviting.

- Clean the inside of the home. After spending a lot of time inside during the winter

months a lot of clutter can be left around the house. Doing a thorough cleaning can

really help sell your home faster because clean homes are more appealing than dirty

cluttered homes.

- Make repairs. The winter homes can be hard on homes especially the outside. Look

closely at the parts of the home, including the roof, gutters, and siding to see if anything

is broken or needs cleaning. A buyer’s first impression of a home comes from the

outside so it is a great idea to get major repairs done before the buyer first looks at the



In the summer months a lot of families are going on vacation so it hasn’t always been recommended to sell during summer. With so many families out of town there are going to be less people looking for a new home. However, selling during summer is a great idea for motivated sellers trying to take advantage of the lack of competition.

These are the tips to sell your home during Summer:

- Keep the home cool. The outdoors is really hot at this time and buyers who come in to

look at a home are going to want to cool down inside the home. Keeping the home cool

during the summer also shows buyers that the air conditioning system in the home is


- Leaving cold drinks. Leaving iced tea, lemonade, and other cold drinks will help

buyers feel at home and cool down after being outside. Making a buyer feel at home is

exactly what will help them decide on buying your house.

- Clean the outdoor spaces. The outdoors is a space where buyers can imagine having

friends over during the summer months. Making the outdoors seem like a good place

for barbecues and outdoor parties will help them visualize doing these things.

Selling a home at any time of the year is possible and these are some of the seasonal selling tips to increase the odds of selling your house. There are a lot more factors that play a role in getting a house sold regardless of what season it is such as pricing the home right, having great marketing for the home, and preparing the home for buyers to look at and inspections. Following all of the seasonal home selling tips won’t help unless you price the home right and get buyers in the home. Working with an agent who has experience and is always improving their skills is important to help you get your home sold!

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